Friday, September 26, 2014

Colorful bible time

This week during my bible study with Good Morning Girls, the host Courtney Joseph {Women Living Well} shared a post that got me super excited!  She introduced us to a talented woman Gypsy.Mama.NC {click HERE for her instragram feed} who pretties up her bible and notebooks with lots of color and stickers and washi {craft} tape!  It's like my cardmaking world colliding with bible time!  Be still my heart!

Courtney has shared the idea before, of using colored pencils for keywords but I guess I never thought outside the box and use color in other ways.  I decided to start adding color to my bible and journaling STAT!  I'm not even using stickers and other embellishments but man does it ever make a difference!  I can group like ideas together.  Points jump off the page!

Gettin' my color on!
I'm not as fancy Gypsy.Mama.NC but it's still super fun!  Just a little color really makes the page more inviting and easier to read!  Here's my notebook:

Aside from this new-found joy, I just learned about journal bibles this week too!  Maybe I'm the last to know about them but my friend Kathy just enlightened me!  They are designed with an extra column for notes.  My wheels got turning and I thought... what a great idea to take to church!  I am ALWAYS doodling and writing notes on the church bulletin so what a great alternative!  Just gotta add that to my Christmas wish list!  In the meantime, I started a board on Pinterest if you want to see some creative ideas!  Not sure I would use watercolor but it sure looks amazing!!!
View as shown on CBD's website.

Funny how little things like this can really make a difference in the daily routine of things!  I look forward to slowing down and just having this time to color and pray at the end of my study time.

Anyone else see this and get just as giddy?

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Shar said...

Hi Mary!!!

Wow! Love, love, love this! Beautiful Bible and journal! I, too, drew out a tree in my journal and Bible for Psalm 1. Great minds, great minds! Haha ;-)
But I definitely agree with what you said about color making the page inviting and easier to read! I would SO get a journaling Bible if I wasn't so crazy about the "regular" Bible I already have. When this one falls apart the journaling Bible will be at the top of my wish list :-) I hope you get yours!!! I've seen a few Journaling Bible giveaways on Instagram, maybe you'll be blessed with one before Christmas! :-)

Really enjoyed your post!


-Shar (Gypsy.Mama.NC)

Courtney (Women Living Well) said...

OH I love this Mary! Your SOAP journal looks beautiful! So glad you are able to express yourself this way - it's so cool to be able to see into the spiritual walk of others! Thank you for sharing this!!

Lots of Love,