Thursday, September 18, 2014

A parenting laugh

Parenting is so hard and as a homeschooling mom there are days I literally am in tears praying to God for strength and looking to friends for encouragement.  Seriously without support, I don't know what I'd do.  It's hard people!

And sometimes, a mood lifter comes in the form of a YouTube video.  I had to share with hopes to make someone else smile at this mess we're in!!

These videos are from "mylifesuckers" on YouTube!  I subscribed to her channel... so funny!  She does these parodies of popular songs and seriously I wish I had her talent!  {Thanks Whitnee for tell me about her!}

So instead of "I'm all about that bass", how about "I just need some space"?  {YES!}

Or instead of "What The Fox Say"... how about "What Does My Kid Say?".  Oh the sounds they say.. so familiar.... haha!

And the classic... "I'm so cranky" because we know kids and moms aren't so fancy...

Hope that brought a smile to any weary moms out there.  Break time is over... back to it...

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