Friday, August 29, 2014

Why we homeschool and our first week

When my daughter was 6 and in first grade, life was feeling chaotic.  
She was going to public school.  I drove my 4 year old son to preschool 3 days a week.  Vienna started cheerleading, which took us out one weeknight for practice and Saturday mornings for a game. Meanwhile, I lugged my 1 year old everywhere!  It was crazy!  
Look how little they were!!
V's 1st day of grade 1
To add, Vienna got home from school at the worse time of day... around 3:30 and baby Colin was always finishing his nap around that time.  She was tired from a long day at school, she snapped at her 4 year old brother who was happy to see her and wanting to play.  I felt rushed to start supper.  She always had homework and I had little quality time with her.
Fall 2011
As a stay-at-home mom, I always knew I had the option to homeschool but I didn't want to!  The burden of teaching my kids was too much and I didn't think I was capable.  I yelled too much.  I didn't have patience and honestly I was very selfish and wanted more time to myself as the kids gained independence, not lose it!  

But God slowly worked on my heart and I was convicted to give it a try.  The bottom line is that I wanted more quality time with my kids while they were young and wanted to be with me.  I know this will not always be the case and I want to take advantage of this time while I have it.  Everyone says to enjoy these early years and I figured it was for good reason!

With a wonderful support system in place... a husband who is my rock and supportive beyond words... and with friends who helped me figure it all out.... we started our homeschool journey.

WOW!  We just started our third year this week!  A couple weeks ago I summarized last year and wrote what we are doing this year.  {You can CLICK HERE to read that if you want to know about our curriculum.}

Aside from teaching language arts, math, history and science, one thing I want to focus on this year is instilling a good work ethic in my kids and work on self-discipline.  I made these weekly charts in Word and put them in page protectors.  They use dry erase markers to check off the subjects that are done.  This gives my kids a visual of what they need to do, and at the end of  week 1, I can say that this has DEFINITELY helped!  {And we didn't do EVERYTHING this week because we are trying to adjust to doing school again!}

I used to have a great set up in our basement but I learned that we prefer to do school on the main floor of our home.  This allows me to do dishes, prepare snacks and meals, etc as the kids do independent work.  So we have officially taken over the dining room!  The kids told me that prefer this set up!  YAY!

We also changed our school time. We were doing it in the afternoons because Colin used to nap then and because of a preschool schedule but this year mornings are free and clear.  So school starts at 9am and we go til we are done, obviously stopping for snacks and lunch.

As for how long I will homeschool, I am still taking it year by year because I always want what's best for my kids and this set up may NOT always be.  But for now, it is clear to me that this is the path God wants us on.  

And honestly... I'm glad for lazy mornings... not rushing for the school bus... and not having to pack lunches!  hehe!

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Sunflowerakb with the Yellow House said...

Happy First Week of school! It sounds you're going to have a great year! The new set up looks fun.