Sunday, August 3, 2014

My HuffPost Live interview recap

Oh wow!  I did it!  Complete with sweaty pits and cold clammy hands!  ha!  
I shared Colin's conception story on HuffPost Live today!  Click HERE to watch if you missed it!

Before we went on the air, we three female guests chatted.  Dr. Greenfield said she was on TV before and warned it'd go by fast and it did!  She also said that it's best to speak in short spurts to allow others to speak.  So I did my best to just answer the questions but I had so much more to say!  Glad I blog!  haha!

First off, I don't know what's up with the head tilt I did!  My cousin said it's genetic... Apparently my cousins do it for pictures every.single.time.  I had no idea I looked like that when I talked.  But I digress...

So at the 1:50 minute mark, you'll notice I start to answer a question then stop because another guest answered it for me.  At least I am pretty sure that's what happened!  haha!  Jay was right beside me so I turned to look at him and we laughed.  So that's what happened there!

Also I said "that he couldn't parent child" at 6:38... I should have said fathered child.  Jay is a great parent! LOL!

Dr. Goldstein, the urologist on the show said that transient recanalization "must have happened" at the 4:32 minute mark to explain how I got pregnant.  I have never heard of this before!  I wish I had more time to talk to him because I had questions!  So basically a little channel formed and then shut down?  Why didn't our two urologists suggest this before?  I was told {and read online} that the reason the effective rate is 99.9% is to account for the people who don't wait to get the all clear after the procedure and also to account for the people who have recanalization occur - like a permanent one not a Houdini one.  I can't seem to find much info about the "transient recanalization" online either.  I wonder how they prove that's what happened?  What kind of evidence do they have if it disappears?  Could there be another way sperm is getting out that they haven't discovered?  So many questions!
{We should call him Colin the Comet... transient recanalization
|sounds as rare and random as certain comets!}
I also thought it was interesting that he said that effectiveness depends on the technique.  He said that all over the world and in less developed countries that they just tie the vas off.  He said that failure rate was 1-5% "which would be totally unacceptable in this country".  And I agree with him!  He said that he performed 2800 vasectomies and hasn't had a failure.  But what is the protocol when a patient says his wife is pregnant and the sperm count is still zero after retesting?  Jay's doctor just said to him on the phone that he was sorry in a way that implied Jay wasn't the father and he was sorry for our troubles.  They left no room for the possibility that "transient recanalization" had occurred.  If anyone visits Jay's urologist, he probably says with full confidence that he has performed a certain number of vasectomies and hasn't had a failure either.  See why I challenge the stats?!  {And for the record, Jay was snipped, had a piece removed, cauterized and tied!}

What my simple mind doesn't understand is that if autism rates {for example} have changed, then why not vasectomy stats?  Should or does each urologist office report numbers to a National Urology group or something?

Geesh... after writing all this, I feel it's my duty to notify the urologist!  {I just don't want them to think I'd sue and didn't know how to tell them without it sounding threatening.}

If you are more interested in vasectomies than tubal ligation, the show started with my story.  Then they talked about tubal ligation from 8:00 to 16:09 {which was a great story by the way!}.  Then at 18:29 Nancy asked me if I thought about suing.  I answered never and said that the doctor "did his job to the best of his ability" which I should have worded:  "By all medical definitions he did his job accurately.  My husband is medically unable to conceive a child."  But I was really nervous and it went by in a blur!!

I really hope our story reaches more people just so that people know it can happen and aren't so surprised if it does.  Thank you all for your support!  I felt the support from my friends before and after the interview and that really meant a lot to me!

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Sunflowerakb with the Yellow House said...

I like how candid you were about not suing the urologist. Hopefully, other folks will consider those reasons for not suing. Yes, things did not go as planned but that doesn't mean it is the docs fault!

James Clay said...

My wife and I are in a similar situation. I had a vasectomy over three years ago, and we are expecting our third child any day now. I, did not submit a semen sample. I also did not inform my urologist that the operation was unsuccessful. Immediately after the surgery, our family relocated to a different state. I got the operation before there was a lapse in our healthcare coverage. I welcome the new addition to our family, but to say the least, it was a huge life-changing surprise.