Thursday, August 21, 2014

Juno at the Mystic Aquarium

EDIT 8/23:  To all the people telling me to watch Black Fish, I have.  You are barking up the wrong tree.  Research Mystic Aquarium and what they do and have done to help animals.  I have been an animal lover for years and personally boycott traveling circuses and have no interest in watching animals at Sea World or the like do silly tricks for human entertainment so please do not come hear preaching to me on my blog because you were affected by one movie that got a lot of buzz.  
I moderate comments and will not publish anything negative on here. Thank you.

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Three years ago we visited the Mystic Aquarium.  We are members and in all my visits, I never saw a whale do this.  I posted the question on their Facebook page with the video below.

"Does anyone know more about this behavior? Would love to know the inside scoop! ~Mary"

I got this response:
Mystic Aquarium Juno’s behavior in the video is an open mouth threat and jaw pop. Open mouth threats and jaw popping are aggressive behaviors. Juno (and Kela) seem to direct these behaviors toward guests at the windows when they are annoyed or seemingly trying to get a reaction from the guests. If people are banging on the glass, running towards the windows quickly, waving objects around in front of the glass, the whales seem to react more. However, there are times that guests are not doing the above things, and the whales still seem to react to their presence.

For the record, we were not doing any of those things to irritate him, so I guess he was in a playful mood!  If I remember right, Juno was a newer whale on loan from another Aquarium as part of a breeding program.  But as of today he is still there and still entertaining the crowds!  

Earlier tonight, I started getting random "likes" from strangers on that video I posted on the Aquarium's Facebook page.  Then I got a notification that someone shared it.  I was really confused so hopped over to the FB page and saw that a video of Juno scaring kids aired on The Today Show {here} this morning!  How fun that Juno is getting National attention!  I love it.  And to think, I took these videos three years ago!  I should have contacted a news outlet!  hahaha!  

Here is a cute video of my kids interacting with Juno!

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