Monday, August 25, 2014

I love whales but not a fan of Blackfish

After my last blog post sharing Juno's video, I received some comments that ruffled my feathers.

Why you ask?  Oh maybe because I am more sensitive then I let on and I don't want anyone to think I don't like animals!  And because I suppressed many thoughts about Blackfish when it first came out.

I just want to apologize for coming across aggressively on the edit I added to this post.  The comments I got were submitted anonymously {except for one} and to deter more of the same, I felt the need to post that.  I initially felt that they were stirring up controversy that hit the world upon the release of the movie Blackfish. In hindsight one of the people commenting was probably addressing my question in the video {which was taken 3 years ago and I got my answer straight from the Aquarium back then}, where I wondered about the behavior that Juno was doing.

The anonymous person told me to watch Blackfish to educate myself.  
But that movie was made with an agenda and is not a documentary on whale behavior. 
I know a whale trainer personally who worked at SeaWorld.  Not everything in that movie was fact. People get all hyped up on movies and they don't always look into the other side of things.  If you want to read up on Blackfish exposed, click HERE.  I think there are some things that more people should be aware of.  If you click over, please be sure to read it to the end.

I am a BIG animal lover and it didn't take a movie like that to keep me away from places that use wild animals for human entertainment.  I have long boycotted places like traveling circuses and certain animal shows, yes like SeaWorld.

Total tangent but... did you ever notice that in the Curious George books they changed how George came to America?  In the original, the man with the yellow hat, brought him in a sack and George was sad.  He was captured for a zoo.  In the newer movie and books, George was curious and stowed away on his own free will.  It bugs me that history was "rewritten".

Some people who come to Mystic Aquarium actually say it's boring!  There are no "fun" whale shows or dolphins anymore.  They are a research center focused on animal conversation and education.  They rehabilitate seals and release them all the time.  The belugas are not there for performance and their habitat is the largest outdoor exhibit in the USA.  So I have a great peace of mind visiting and supporting this facility!
2014 -  We love the Mystic Aquarium

I absolutely love God's creation and wouldn't want to be portrayed as someone who didn't.  So again I am sorry for coming with my claws out.  And thanks for letting me vent about my position about Blackfish.

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