Saturday, August 16, 2014

Homeschool year summary

This year will be my third year homeschooling!  
We are taking each year as it comes and it remains a great option for our family!  
{I need to remember this each time we have bad moments and I wanna send them away on a yellow school bus!  Because let me tell you now, I am NO stellar mom - and there are many hard days! There is nothing special about me.  I lose my cool, I lack self-discipline and the idea of more ME time sounds glorious.  But this is bigger than me and my "wants".  I shall serve my family and love on them while they need me and as long as God leaves this door open to us.  That was for all the moms who read this and say "I could NEVER"... because I was just like you once.  But God is teaching me much and this is part of my journey!}

Ok... so on to the recap... Before I could move forward planning our upcoming year, I really felt I needed to summarize our past school year in a "report card" format for the kids' files.  There were many free report cards online but I just made a simple table in Word.  I wanted a place to summarize the curriculum we used and write feedback on how the kids did. I finally finished that earlier today!!  

For the 2013/2014 school year, I bought a full curriculum {minus language arts and math} called "My Father's World" because all the books came with it and all the lesson planning was done!  I just checked things off as we went.  {I didn't end up doing much for bible or art but it was nice that it was outlined for me if I wanted to.}  

For Language Arts we used the Critical Thinking Company, Using the Standards, and Explode the Code.
For Math Vienna used Teaching Textbooks and Lance used Horizons.
We also were part of a homeschool co-op that met every month.  The kids were able to do presentations in front of a group.  We shared things like book reports, a Science Fair, an Art showcase, a World Fair, a fun Field Day, a Scavenger Hunt and some other things.
And if that wasn't busy enough... Colin went to a preschool 2 mornings a week, V had speech therapy {done now!}, Lance did martial arts, Vienna joined gymnastics this past year and they always take swim lessons each summer.  

For the 2014/2015 year... 
  • We will continue with our study of US History and cover more on Canada this year! 
  • Vienna is going to learn to type and I really have to work on Lance's handwriting, writing stories and basic spelling.  He's a great reader but doesn't like to write!
  • I also plan to have the kids use a free app called Duolingo, to learn Spanish.
  • Add a preschooler to the mix!   Mr.Colin will not be returning to his preschool this year.  I'll be homeschooling THREE!  {Here is my Pinterest board for him if you wanted to see preschool ideas!}
  • We will be doing our co-op again.
  • And we are joining a local 4-H group to learn about livestock and farm life!  That should be really interesting for this "city" girl!  But a great Science component to our studies!

So that's the quick of it around here and an update on homeschooling!  The smell of fresh pencils is in the air!!!

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