Thursday, August 21, 2014

Good Morning Girls team split and changes

I have been doing bible studies with Good Morning Girls {GMG} for 3 years.  Recently there was a split in leadership.  Since I have been a facilitator of a Facebook small group, I wanted to summarize what was going on to reach all the ladies who have been in and currently are with us, along with those who are thinking about joining. 

As confusing as details might be to us, we have to remember that the ladies who lead our studies are imperfect human beings who have emotions just like the rest of us.  Whatever their struggle, it need not be ours.  They provide a TOOL for helping us with getting into the Word daily and we serve HIM not them.  So please do NOT be discouraged.  They each had a different vision and now there are two ministries.
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Courtney Joseph started GMG years ago at her church.  Then she took it to her blog “Women Living Well” {WLW}.  It grew, so she brought her friend Angela Perritt onboard to help her as website administrator and contributor.  Later they added other writers {Whitney & Jen} to the GMG blog.
For whatever reasons, Courtney stepped away from GMG in April.  She owns copyright to the “Good Morning Girls” name so in order for the ministry to continue, Angela and team changed the name to “Love God Greatly” {LGG}.  


1.    LGG will be doing a Fall study in Esther using the format that the ministry has always used.  8 weeks doing the SOAP format. They blog on Mon, Wed & Fri to further enhance the study time.  After that they are doing the annual Gratitude and Advent studies in preparation for the holidays.

2.     Courtney, who will continue to use the GMG name, is doing a read through of the entire bible breaking it down to just 1 chapter a day!  Read her blog announcement about it HERE.  She will offer a weekly reading plan on Sundays.  A blog post on Wednesday and a short video on Fridays.

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Every person studies the bible differently at different times in their lives.  For years I attended studies at my church, but now that I homeschool that is not an option for me.  Doing it online has been wonderful!  
Likewise there are different ways dig into God's word... Use a published book study, following a reading plan, do a topic study, read it cover to cover, read it chronologically, etc. Each person has a different preference at different stages in their lives. 
So as you read what each ministry is doing, don't worry about the issues behind the scenes. Decide which format suits you best and use one or both if they can help you get to know God's Word more.

If you want to know what my small group is doing, please email me and I will share.  I don't want to take sides publicly here on my blog because I love what each team is doing; it's just a matter of preference.

To read each ministry leaders own words, please visiting their websites:

Serving Him,

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