Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Sharing my story on HuffPost Live

Two years ago I blogged HERE about how my Colin was a surprise after my husband's vasectomy.  We wanted to share our story so that when other people did an internet search, they would find us and know that they weren't alone.  People found it!  Check out the comments!  You see, when I was pregnant and looking for answers, I literally found ONE other person who had a story like ours but she wasn't able to say much because unlike us, she sued her urologist and was in the middle of it all.  I really felt all alone and confused!

Fast forward to last week when I got an email from HuffPost Live's reporter Nancy Redd.  She said she wanted to share our story on their program!  After talking to Jay, we agreed to do it.  The story has already been told and it's fun to talk about what a miracle God has done in our lives!

The ad is up!  I am sweating now!  So nervously excited to get our story out there!

The show airs at 4:50pm EST but will be archived for viewing later if you can't watch live.  I hope people watch because it's interactive and you can leave comments!  {I don't know if I will see them live but I'll definitely go back and read them afterwards!  We'll see how distracted I am!}

If you pray... I sure would appreciate the extra prayers.  No nerves.  Clear words.  And for God, Colin's wonderful Creator to get all the praise!

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Dawn said...

I watched your segment as it was linked to Yahoo. I thought you did a fantastic job. You certainly had the right prospective. I was a little disappointed (but not totally surprised) that they did not give a direct link to your blog. So I googled you. I read this post and wanted to let you know that I think your prayers were answered. It was very apparent that you were giving God all the praise that He deserves. So kuddos to you! I have marked your blog and intend to keep up with you.