Thursday, July 24, 2014

Mattress protector

I have always used mattress protectors.  Come children, I got the good waterproof kind.  Sadly a certain child has peed through even those ones so I went on Amazon many months ago and found this thing to try:

I wish I knew of these sooner!  Rather than change a whole fitted sheet, this amazingly absorbent underpad really does protect the mattress!!  It's amazing!  You can't see from the pic but it's only as long as the edge of the picture above.  So if you have a child who flips a lot while sleeping, it may not be the best option.  But for my child, it is fabulous!  I wash bedding regularly so it's smaller for the washer, so much easier to change AND it's sooooo effective!!!  LOVE IT!  

And since I wish I heard of it sooner, I thought I'd share!  

{I have received no compensation for this BUT if the company reads this, please send me another!  haha!}

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