Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Lost at the beach

Call it mother's intuition or what you will but when my family and I went to the beach on the busy holiday weekend, I told my kids that if they couldn't find our umbrella to go to the lifeguard if they got lost.
I have NEVER told them this before.
And they have never gotten lost before.
Mind you... we've never been at such a crowded beach before!

It was just soooo busy and kids drift when in the water, or in my case when they chase seagulls!  So I stood with them at the water's edge and pointed to where we were sitting.  Then I pointed out the lifeguard:  "Kids, this is where you go if you get lost and can't find us.  Did you hear me?  Please say yes Mommy so I know you heard me."
"Yes Mom," they said.  Kids played.  All was well.

Then Vienna had to go to the bathroom.  Jay stayed with the boys and I took her.  

While we were gone, four year old Colin went missing.

We were there with my in-laws and some friends and Lance and our friend's son said that Colin went with me.  But Jay knew I would have told him {true!} and he sensed something was off.  So he started searching.  Then over the PA system, it was announced that Colin was waiting for his family at lifeguard chair 7.  {We were sitting on the other side of lifeguard #8!}

Jay got to him and had him safely in his arms before I got back.

It happened THAT quick.  

I am just soooo grateful that Colin listened to me and went to the lifeguard for help right away!
Can you imagine if we searched in THAT crowd for a long time?
I am so thankful it all worked out so I thought I would blog my little beach safety tip.

Show your kids where they should go for help when they get lost!  And this applies to any place you go!

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Lynn Wallace said...

WOW!!!! So glad he listened!!!! Thankful our Lord had him covered :)