Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Sweet summer is a comin'

It feels like summer is just about here and the public schools are getting out soon!  But since we've had a fairly laid back homeschool year, we will be working through the summer.  Because of that, I thought I better do something to make it a little more fun for the kids!  

Thanks to Pinterest for ideas, I put this little printable together in Publisher.  For July and August we'll have fun themed days!  But first the kids have to do their schoolwork in the morning so we have the rest of the day to play!

I like the idea of themed days of the week so we can be sure to get certain things done!
  • Like Make it Monday... We'll go to Michael's for their summer craft program. Or we'll make something at home... like fun treats after berry picking!
  • Take a Trip Tuesday we'll save for trips to the zoo, the aquarium, etc.
  • Wet Wednesday is the day I'll take the kids to their swim lessons.  The timing works out well so that we can stay for open family swim afterwards, so we'll take advantage of that this year.
  • Thinking Thursday is going to be our library day.  I hope to have the kids participate in the local library's reading program again this year!
  • Fun Friday can really be anything but it's fun to have a catchy name for it!  haha!

I asked my daughter what she wanted to do this summer and together we put together a fun little list at the bottom.   I printed the sheet and will put this on display in our living room so we can see it regularly!  I want to have a fun summer together and think that this schedule will add some structure to our days.

If anyone wants the publisher doc to edit for your family, just send me a message with your email address and I'll send that to you!  

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Sunflowerakb with the Yellow House said...

Thanks for sharing! I love the themed days of the week. Keeping that idea around for when I have kids of my own!