Saturday, June 14, 2014

Strawberry picking

We went strawberry picking for the first time!

It was a little local place with LOTS of yummy strawberries! 

The kids really had fun.
"Mom I found one!"  "Nice, put it in the box."
"Mom look at this one!"  "Oh wow that's huge!"
"Mom I found one." ...
That was pretty much our conversation!  haha!

Colin liked the flowers!  So I got in on a pic with the boys to prove I was there!

Woh!  We got almost 15 lbs!!  I am going to make strawberry shortcake for sure aaaand freeze a good portion too!  We love smoothies around here!  And strawberries on pancakes!  Mmmmm local strawberries!

My friend took a pic of us together!  I need to be better about getting IN the photos with my babies!  They are growing so fast!

If you are a local friend and want info on where to go, message me!  This place does not have a website!!

Yay for accomplishing something off our summer fun list!

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