Monday, May 19, 2014

Netflix profiles

We don't have cable so use Netflix quite a bit!  Jay, the kids and I all have different profiles.  {I didn't catch on to this til recently so thought I'd share!}

Below you'll see the "Kids" profile and it's marked for kids ages 12 and under.  I love that we can choose that so the kids can surf around without being bombarded by all the adult movie covers and suggestive pictures.

We use "Mom and kids stuff" for some of our favorite reality shows on TLC and even America's Funniest Videos that won't show up in the kid section.

Jay and I have have lists in our profiles where we can save our favorite shows.  And I love that it remembers where we've left off in a series!

I love the fun icons they have available to choose from too!  haha!  Jay is Captain N!  I was talking to someone today and she thought it was a good idea to have the two kid sections and I wanted to be sure to pass that suggestion on too.

{PS.  If you are reading this in a reader, I updated my title and background today.}

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