Friday, May 9, 2014

Colin is 4

My baby just turned FOUR!  

He woke up to find streamers, his card and 4 hidden gifts, which is the tradition around here.

Since he's so young and not asking for a party, I like to keep things simple while I can!  I planned a park playdate and invited some local friends with kids about his age {and my friends!} and I also invited his whole preschool class to meet us at the park for fun.  No plans for games, decorations or anything.  Just cake and drinks and play time!

It ended up raining so I moved the playdate inside to Chuck E Cheese's.  I bought tokens and gave all the kids four each.  It was a slow Wednesday at the restaurant and the manager was soooo nice to let us use the reserved party area at cake time because there were no scheduled parties.  I was also allowed to bring in the juice boxes from the car because they didn't have pitchers of soda for sale as I was hoping.  Many of the parents bought drinks and tokens so it wasn't like they weren't getting something from us!  haha!

At one point the big mouse himself came out and walked around with a sign that said to follow him for free tickets.  The kids all trailed behind like a little parade.  They ended up singing a song and then Chuck E. threw tickets in the air.  It was a fun surprise and made it feel like a celebration!

There were 17 kids and 9 adults!  And we had a really good time celebrating while keeping it all simple.

Praying for another year of joy and good health with this little guy!

For Colin's amazing conception story visit my old post:

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