Saturday, April 5, 2014

My new kitchen backsplash

In Nov 2012, we did the floors {see here}.
In Feb 2013, we did the counters and sink {see here}.
And finally it's April 2014 and we finished the backsplash!!!!!!!!

I got smoked pewter thermoplastic backsplash from Lowe's {direct link} which was super easy to install.  My friend Amanda, who did my floor, also did this for me.  She knows how to cut around outlets, measure and what tools to use.  She's pretty awesome!!

Finally all those glass, pewter and silver pieces I was collecting for on top of cabinets works in my kitchen!  I am in love!  Makes me happy to walk in and see this done!  So grateful for a talented and generous friend!!!

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Andria said...

This looks really nice!!