Thursday, April 10, 2014

My daughter's Frozen birthday party

My firstborn recently turned NINE!!!  Don't even ask me where the time goes because I have NO CLUE!  We saw Frozen in theater when it came first came out and our whole family loved it... even Papa Bear and the boys!  It's hard for us to find a movie we ALL love so much so I bought the soundtrack and we had "Let It Go" on repeat in our minds for months!  So of course, my girl wanted a Frozen themed party!
Found pics online & for snow letters
Below are the invitations I made! I found a photo online and then edited it in picmonkey.  I had fun making it festive and personalized!  Not sure if you can see "Celebrate Vienna" on the banner!

On the morning of Vienna's birthday, she found streamers {idea from a friend} on her door.  Funny thing this year is that the stinker heard me putting them on her door before I went to bed.  I could see her sitting up in bed looking at me through the crack in the door.  I told her to go back to sleep and she giggled with excitement!  But she was a good sport and didn't get up and open the door til the morning!

Every birthday I buy the same number of gifts as their age and hide them!  Dollar stores are my friend and Five and Below is a fav too!  {They know that 12 is the last year I do this!  Then I'll do something different for the teen years.}

V likes to find all her gifts first then open them.  {Unlike Lance who opens them as he finds them.}  She was really happy with her gifts!

For decorations, I kept it simple as always.  Balloons and snowflakes were on the curtains.  Vienna and I had made lots of paper snowflakes and had them sprinkled around the house.  And I put streams up for the first time.  Just a couple strips running down a wall made a festive difference!

The party was from 2-4pm so I didn't have to worry about a meal.  I kept the food to simple snack items.

And thanks to Pinterest, I got the idea to make clever signs for some things!

Again Pinterest was a great source of game ideas!  We had a coloring contest, Pin the nose on Olaf, Do you wanna build a snowman {out of toilet paper}, an Olaf head toss game {like musical chairs} and even a snowball fight with toilet paper!  It was soooo easy & inexpensive and a lot of fun for the girls!!

I got the coloring contest idea from a friend.  As the girls arrived, we had them color their sheets and put their names on the back.  Then we taped them to the wall.  Later, a couple Dads were the judges.  Vienna gave out loom bracelets she made, as prizes for the games!

Vienna's aunt {my SIL} is VERY creative and an amazing cook and wanted to make V's cake.  Check this out!  She made GLASS!  Even glass stairs!  She laminated pictures of the characters.  And my fav details were the chocolate snowflakes, Vienna's name and age!  It was awesome!
Details all around!
Vienna received many wonderful and thoughtful gifts from her friends.  From clothes to books to doll clothes, they know her well!  

Vienna and I made the favors together.  She came up with the wording for the cover.  "Thank you snow much for coming!"  I found the graphic online, downloaded a cute snow font from {if you ever need something fun!} and I stamped the snowflakes on them.

Inside were silver snowflake necklaces with a purple seed bead and a light blue flower.  They represented Anna and Elsa.  I just ordered the necklaces and charms in bulk online.  Easy peasy!

So there you have it!  How we celebrated my girl's birthday!!  It really is so fun just running with an idea and have it all come together.  I don't buy expensive decorations, balloons or even character plates.  Having a printer and using Pinterest really helps!  Grateful for the online resources!!  I wanted my girl to feel special and loved and I hope she will look back on her 9th birthday with a smile!

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Loretta Boronat said...

That is such an amazing birthday party theme. You did an amazing job. I particularly love that “pin the nose on Olaf” game. Haha! It's really cute and whimsical. You got Vienna nine gifts? Care to share what gifts you bought for her? :D
Loretta Boronat @ My Sibling Dolls

Mary said...

Yes Loretta.. 9 little gifts! I got many of her gifts at Five Below. A $5 Ty Beanie Boo, a $5 Frozen tin box, a $5 Frozen poster, $1 clearance wallet, canvas to paint on from Job Lot, small box of Turtles chocolates, skipping ropes, an iTunes app homemade gift certificate for a game up to $5 value and a $1 zebra placemat.
Hope that helps!