Saturday, April 5, 2014

Essential Oils

I have a few friends who use essential oils and swear by them for various ailments.  I recently decided that I wanted to try them and around the same time, my friend Jessica started writing a great summary about what they are and how to use them over on her blog 'This Blessed Life'.  She basically answers all the questions I had at the beginning.  It's almost like she wrote this just for me!  haha!
Part one is {here}.
Part two is {here}.
And I recommend you follow her blog so you don't miss her upcoming posts!

I am not even going to try to explain what they are here because Jessica sums it up well, so please check out her posts!!  She did a really good job, including a video which she said was hard to record.  She'd rather... and I quote... poke her eyeballs out with toothpicks.  ha!  

I was interested in essential oils mostly for my hormonal ups and downs and defense against illness.  I also have multiple people in my household who get a lot of headaches and digestion pain.  I bought little samples first because I am very sensitive to perfumes and some flowers.  I bought Plague Defense {kinda like the popular Airborne or vitamin C that people take to avoid illness} and Respiratory Relief that helps with breathing during colds and allergies.  I always use Vicks so wanted something to replace that.
I am happy to report that none of these are too strong for me!  Now I know I can order the larger bottle next time!  Headache Relief and Digestion Support have brought my family comfort and we're all enjoying this route more than popping a pill.  

My cute little bottles from Heritage Essential Oils!
The reason I decided to share this today is because last night my {almost four year old} son threw up.  I put the Plague Defense on his feet with hopes to relieve the symptoms.  I also applied it on my other two monkeys.  I used the coconut oil as a carrier oil and to help dilute the oil, which is recommended for use on kids.  {Jessica covers all that!}

Colin threw up every half hour for about 5 hours.  Then he went to bed for the night and woke up feeling happy!  His appetite wasn't 100% but no more vomit!

So far the rest of us are fine.  Thought I better share my experience!  And direct people to Jessica's blog since I've been talking about it more!

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Jessica @ This Blessed Life said...

Haha! You are a good friend. :) AND YAY for success! It's really amazing to watch them work, isn't it?!