Thursday, March 6, 2014

Sweet accountability a la facebook

I think my phrasing of "Facebook Friday" has seriously confused people!  I've had about a half dozen people make comments about me being on Facebook through the week because they missed exactly HOW I use Facebook these days.  If these people are calling me out on it, how many others think that I am breaking my own "rules"??  I thought I've been straightforward on what I'm up to but I wanted to spell it out again.  {And hope that maybe the way I use FB might encourage other people to manage their time better too!  It really is NOT that confusing and very doable!}

Facebook Friday 
This is the day I read the timeline, catch up on what friends are posting and I leave comments.... basically the fun social part that is social media!  I love looking at pictures and reading updates to see what family and friends are up to!

Through the week usage
I AM ON FACEBOOK through the week using groups, pages and the inbox.  I look at all my notifications too so if someone tags me in something, I see it.  Another point to mention, is that just because I limit my surfing time to Fridays, that doesn't mean that if someone messages me to say they added a photo that they want me to see that I won't look at it til Friday.  This "Facebook Friday" thing is to limit me wasting time lurking around when I need to be doing other things!

My statuses
My FB statuses are limited through the week to blog updates, questions or announcements.  No more cute kid stories or what I ate for supper kind of stuff.  Only recently have I stopped thinking in FB statuses!  Literally something would happen and I'd want to post it.

Part of my new usage is to redefine how I use FB and how much time I put into it.  My rules are in place simply as guidelines to keep me from wasting my life away surfing Facebook all day long!

So in summary:

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