Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Lance's 7th birthday

I was feeling sentimental the day before my son's 7th birthday.  When I pretended to cry about my last day with a 6 year old Lance, he replied: "At least I'm not dead!".  haha!  He always has me smiling!
me with Toothless
Birthday mornings are fun around here!  I put streamers on the kids' bedroom door {idea from my friend Kathy} and I hide gifts in the morning {idea from my friend Patty}.  I also buy them the same number of gifts as their age!  {But they know this will end when they turn 13! ha!}
Before Lance came downstairs, he had to do a fun scavenger hunt that Vienna made for him in the playroom!  She wrote up fun riddles and hid some of Lance's favorite toys {little Beanie Boos - stuffed toys with big eyes}.  The last one was in the closet and there Lance also found a homemade happy birthday sign.  A very thoughtful idea!!!  Lance was sweet and played along before going downstairs to find his seven presents!

Card Vienna made signed by all the Beanie Boos.  haha!
I try to find gifts that aren't too expensive because it adds up fast!  One of his gifts was a new Beanie Boo dog... Look at his face after finding it!  And look at his siblings who are so excited for him!

Lance's favorite gift was probably the gift certificate I made for an app from iTunes. We have an iPad but ONLY play the free games.  He was super excited to get a full version game!

He ended up choosing Angry Birds Star Wars!  {And it was only 99 cents!}
Playing his new game.  Look how old he looks!
The rest of the day was spent playing and me cleaning.  Lance's party was 4-6pm that night!  We invited  8 of Lance's friends and the total with their siblings was 18 kids!  Some parents were planning to drop off but more than half were staying.  I also invited his Nana and Aunt/Uncle who live an hour away.  I was expecting a house full!  But in the end, only 12 kids were here, including mine and a couple babies because illness hit 4 homes!  It was still a decent size crowd and we had a good time celebrating!

I did a Power Ranger training camp theme.  The boys ran laps in my living room to start, jumping off the end of the couch and running to the next.  Normally this isn't allowed but I didn't mind for this one day!  I rounded them up for jumping jacks, push ups, and sit ups.  Lance demonstrated for me!  We also taught them two punches Lance learned in martial arts and the kids took turns punching an air bag!  They enjoyed it!
Colin playing with the punching bag before the party while the big kids play Angry Birds in the background!

We had a lot of food.  Aside from a huge snack table, we had three party size pizzas.  Cheese, pepperoni and a chicken, bacon & ranch flavored one too!  No one left hungry!

Our next game was a shooting competition with dart guns!  I just drew targets on the window!

Kids lined up ready for their turn:

I swear it wasn't rigged when my daughter came in first and the birthday boy himself in second!  They were the only kids who lined up the sites.  Daddy was proud!

Lance wanted an ice-cream cake so we hit up Dairy Queen.  I made Power Ranger decorations for the top.

We did gifts last and of the few Power Ranger things Lance already had, he received no duplicates!  He was thrilled to get a few things on his wish list!  Everyone was beyond generous and Lance felt the love!

We sent our guests home with "power" themed favors.  PowerAid drinks and little games to practice mental power like mini rubix cubes.  {I made the tags in Word.}

Definitely a fun day celebrating a super awesome kid!  So grateful for him!!!
Officially 7!

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