Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A video showing how I streamline time on FB

I wrote a whole post HERE with tips on how to cut time on Facebook.

But for any of you who prefer videos, here is a little visual to show you how I use it.  {Sorry for the technical issues and my rambling!  haha!}

I use Facebook on Friday to surf friend's posts and the timeline, but through the week, I only use the groups, pages and inbox.  {I do look at people's profiles if they tell me they posted something they want me to see - so there is some flexibility in this, but the point is, I have cut back wasting time on Facebook!}

Hope someone finds this helpful!

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Tracey G said...

This was great Mary. I've been on the edge of dropping FB a few times because of the time cost and my lack of control - BUT like you I have many groups that FB is my only connection with (plus all my cross country friends!). You've honed in on a great way to manage it!