Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Hit and run

A friend and I were driving to the mall last night after dark.  On our way we passed a man with his bicycle laying on the side of the road!  I quickly pulled over and abandoned my friend and my car to run towards him and help.  I was the second one on the scene.  He was just hit by a car!  His bike was damaged but he was ok. I got to his side just as he was getting up.  He was quite shocked and the driver didn't even stop!  My friend called 911 and we stayed with him til the police came.  There were pieces of plastic which we think were from the car on the ground nearby.

It disgusts me that someone hit a HUMAN BEING and just left him there and continued driving.  I am so glad he wasn't hurt, but it could have been much much worse!

And a side note, the man wasn't wearing reflective gear or a helmet, but did have a light on the front of his bike.  He smelled like alcohol too.
So drunk guy, on a bike in the dark, on icy roads, hit by a car and survives without so much as a scratch!
He was a lucky lucky man!
Just thinking about him tonight and praying he is ok!

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