Monday, February 24, 2014

Done with running

I’m done with running.
Wow!  Saying that out loud is actually kinda freeing!!

When 2014 started, I said I was starting the Couch to 5K app again {which I did early 2012} after a dud year in 2013. 
dud 2013 run summarized
I started off strong last month then tapered off.  It’s only February and the guilt is exhausting already and I don't want to keep living like this.  I need a change.  I simply do NOT crave running and I have a million excuses to avoid it. {I’ll spare you.  It’s pathetic.  But I will say I am a homeschooling mom and have three kids with me  Time is NOT on my side these days.}

But I had an epiphany… a friend actually worded it for me.  I run because that’s what many people I know do and it became a subconscious peer pressure thing for me!!  Facebook and blogs are filled with people posting run times and bib numbers!  There is such a fun community among runners and I liked being a part of it!  I also ran because I figured it was the best option for getting a good cardio workout and I really wanted to achieve a goal from 2012… to do a 5K in under 30 minutes.

I just don't care about speed and running a 5K in under 30 minutes.
Getting back to basics, this is what is important to me:
*Be heart healthy
*Have a strong core
*Lose 8 lbs 

I have been beating myself up regularly for the past year + for not keeping up with the running I started in 2012.  I have to confess, I am just not the running type. Unlike some of my friends, I NEVER wanted to run a 10K or a half marathon after finishing three 5K races that year.  The only reason I did three 5Ks was to have something to work towards to keep me running.

My friend Serena, who I've known for almost 20 years was willing to come along side of me and support me with this!  We have reconnected  in recent years thanks to Facebook and having kids in common!  She has really, really helped me overcome this feeling of guilt.  She has been so encouraging after listening to me vent while offering up practical ideas that I can do.  She even brought this whole thing to my attention that different people work out differently based on their blood type.  Now I haven't looked into it much but even if that is a big generalization it still gave me food for thought...  Maybe the reason I am struggling so much is because I am not working out the best way for me and my body type?!  

Summer 2000
I am blessed with high metabolism but it has slowed down.  My daughter and I have been ice-skating a few times this winter and I look forward to longer days so my family and I can walk in the evenings after supper.  We are going to do more hiking too.  I think the idea of being active with my family is much more appealing to me in this phase of  life rather than leaving my family to go down to the basement to run on the treadmill.  
I just want to strive to do something active every day .  I can dance with my kids to get my heart rate up. I can do planks, push ups, & sit ups throughout the day.  I am going to continue to explore yoga and Pilates for strengthening my body and I love the slower pace of those for evening workouts.  My workout routine doesn't have to look like anyone else’s.  It CAN be unique to me so long as I am doing something!

If anyone has any great videos or online resources they can recommend to me as I continue seeking ways to work out in a way that best suits where I am right now, I would love to hear your ideas!  
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Elizabeth Wood said...

Oh my goodness, Mary, how uncanny that we posted such similar things the same day!! I guess we're sort of in the same boat! I think your goals are great. Way to go!

kbmama said...

It does feel good to let things go and say it out loud!!! I applaud you for that!
I want to hike more too. Maybe this spring/summer we can do a family hike :)