Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Women Living Well chapter 4

Chapter 4 is called: "Effects of the Media Revolution"
I have been online for a very long time!  15+ years or so!  

1998ish - IRC chat rooms {anyone remember those!?}
1999 - I had a Geocities website back when Yahoo hosted them!  I loved having a place to post updates and photos for my family far away!  I have always enjoyed writing and having a website has been a fun, creative outlet for me!
2004 - I got pregnant and moved over to babiesonline where I kept people up-to-date on my pregnancy and then kids as they came!  
2008, I switched to blogger and started A Productive Endeavor!  *waves hand*
Somewhere in there I joined gradfinder, classmates, myspace and of course the ever popular Facebook.  
For as long as I can remember, I have LOVED staying connected to people and have a place online for my own stuff.  

Now add Pinterest, Skype, Feedly {blog reader}, YouTube, Twitter and Instragram too!  And nevermind email!  I have 5 email accounts!  1 personal, 1 spam, 1 for my blogs and 1 business and 1 hotmail for MSN chat that I also used back in the day!

Are you overwhelmed yet?  Imagine ME trying to keep up with it all!  And that is exactly what Courtney talks about in this chapter!  Information overload definitely has been my struggle!  Keeping up with it all and actually feeling like I might be disappointing people by not!  How crazy is that? 

Courtney wrote:  "I make clear in chapter 4 that media is amoral.  In and of itself, it is neither good nor evil.  It is our use of it, that determines its morality.  Each believer must discern and follow their own convictions"

She also quotes Elisabeth Elliot as saying: "Muddled thinking inevitably results in muddled living."  And that is what I believe happened to me the past couple years!  It's not just an issue of time on Facebook, but online as a whole.  

I love one of the questions that Courtney has for us this week too:

"Pause for a moment and list all the media you currently use in a week.  Now consider and sort through it, which of the media draws you closer to God and which of the media pulls you away from God."

Isn't that great?!!  I just wrote a whole post {here} about Facebook and tips to cut back and streamline how to use it.  I just feel so scatterbrained reading updates all day long so that's why limiting the Facebook timeline to one day a week has helped me a lot!  But I do have to put more thought into the other media sources and why I use them. 

This was a great chapter!  Such a great book... can't recommend it enough!

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