Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Women Living Well book club, week 1

If anyone has been reading my blog recently, you will know how much I LOVE the book and blog, both called Women Living Well by Courtney Joseph. She is the co-creator of Good Morning Girls, the online bible study I've been doing for two years with friends via a Facebook group.

Her book came out in October 2013 and I ordered a copy right away.  I have recommended it over and over to friends because it has literally changed my Christian walk!!  I have been THAT encouraged!!  I HIGHLY recommend it to all Christian wives and moms especially those who feel drained and overwhelmed by life!

She started an online book club and this is week 1!  I was so excited to participate so I could read the book again while doing the FREE companion guide that she provides.

This week the focus is on finding time in our busy lives to be still and have that quiet time with God and to read and study our bibles.  Of course I am between studies right now with Good Morning Girls so my quiet time hasn't been really good lately.  BUT when I am doing the bible study, I get up each day and do it before I do anything else.  Now that my kids are a touch older and not as demanding FIRST thing in the morning, I have been sleeping in til they get up and  have been able to get us all drinks {Momma her coffee!} and do my quiet time before even making breakfast.  {Mind you, two years ago, I got up before them or it wouldn't get done.}  Even so, come Monday, I will be getting up a half hour before the kids again so that I can have QUIET focused time without interruption.  That way the quality of my study will be better.  I am pretty consistent with this because I have my group on Facebook to check in with and that holds me accountable.

Here's my favorite place to read!  Nothing fancy.  My bible just sits under the table.

And all my study materials and chronological bible {which I read sporadically} is in this awesome document box with handles from Clever Container.  Sometimes I read before bedtime and I like that I can transport things easily.

As for prayer time, I need to improve on that.  I just blogged earlier this week about my new plans to improve that area of my life since I am following Clare's challenge over on Peak313 and this week she discussed faith.  So this all ties together nicely!  I think getting up before the kids will give me more focused time there too.

It's the biggest issue that most of us have when it comes to reading our bible faithfully.  We don't do it because we lack the time.  BUT for me, and many others, Facebook is the biggest time waster of all.  {aka the vortex... you get sucked in and don't even notice!} I love keeping in touch with people but honestly, the more I comment and the more I post, the more notifications I get, pulling me back to the site throughout the day.  So I have decided to just read the Facebook timeline on Fridays, allowing me to catch up with everyone, comment to my hearts content and then be done for the week.  Facebook can not be a daily thing for me!  Nothing is as urgent as those little red notification flags make me feel!  {For the record, I still read group activity, receive things I'm tagged in via email and get all inbox messages to my cell phone, but the TIMELINE is just where I really lose track of time!}. I have set boundaries for myself so I can tune out all the distractions and focus better on my life.  When I'm 60, am I going to regret not being on Facebook more or spending time with my family and friends in REAL life when they are RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME?
Love this quote from Courtney!!!
In my goals for 2014 post, I mentioned that socially I want to be a better friend.  So I have been praying for God to use me well and for me to act on ideas He puts in my head.  As I was telling someone about this online book club, she expressed her desire to join a bible study... like in person, not online.  I heard God prompt me to open my home and host a book club based on this Women Living Well one!  I already read the book and Courtney already laid out the schedule so didn't feel any pressure at all!  I asked her if I opened my home each Wednesday would she come?  Of course she was willing so when I got home, I emailed about 10 more friends to see if anyone else wanted to joins us.  This was one of the replies!

Can you even believe that?!?!  God gave me the idea but was prepping people before I even had a clue!  haha!  I LOVE when prayers are answered like this!  There are currently 4 of us committed and 3 more girls praying about it!  {After all, I just emailed them yesterday and we'd start next week!  We are going to discuss the previous week Mon-Fri blog posts and chapters covered.}

It's Tuesday.  Day 2 of this online book club and look what has happened already!!  I am SO excited to see why God is bringing us together and what I will learn through these ladies!

Thanks for swinging by!

PS.  Get the book!  hehe
PPS.  I use Twitter  {monkeymary7} that links to Facebook.  I figure that'd be an easy place to update people on my 2014 goals while limiting my FB time.  {And I only follow a couple favorite bloggers and news stations on there.  Not for socializing!}


Courtney (Women Living Well) said...

This was a such a fun post to read. I loved seeing the pictures of where you have your quiet time - a little window into your life. And I think it is amazing that you are opening your home to friends to do this book club together.

Keep walking with the King!
Courtney :)

Amanda Kelly said...

Enjoyed reading your post! I am looking forward to the next GMG study as well- it is going to really help me get intentionally focused! ;) I love the personal pictures- helps your reader who might not know you get into your life a little bit!