Thursday, January 9, 2014

One person's junk is another person's treasure

Back in July, I blogged {here} about a tailgate swap with friends.  We met up and shared our unwanted items with each other before donating.  It was a lot of fun so we organized another that was today!  Since it's too cold outside for the park, I got permission to use the church gym!

Here's all the stuff I brought:
My husband will be thrilled when he sees the garage cleaner!

There were 18 of us who participated in an effort to clean out our homes!

Sunglasses added to protect identities.  ;o)
Last time, a few people drove to a local donation center to drop off their unwanted items, but this time I scheduled a truck from Big Brothers, Big Sisters to come and collect allll the stuff that was left over.  It was definitely a God thing because they just happened to be doing the pick ups in our town and would be available in the timeframe AFTER our event!  I was sooo excited it worked out!  It made it easier for everyone because there was a lot of lifting and walking upstairs to the gym!  No one wanted to lug their unwanted stuff any further!!

Just look at how much we had left over, even after everyone shopped!!  And it was GOOD stuff!  I had a hard time leaving it to be honest!  I grabbed a couple things on my way out!  haha!

I got so many nice things and things I wanted and use!  After I took my Christmas ornaments down, I thought more snowmen decorations would be nice for January and I got TWO!  I got more stars for my house, baggies, craft items, card stock which I use all.the.time!  I got clothes including a new black coat and scarf!  I got some much needed pjs for my oldest growing boy, homeschool aids and even two shirts for my husband!  Out with the old "junk" and in with the new treasures!

My daughter, along with many of the kids, walked around looking for stuff too. It was so nice that it was all free.  She loves to read so got some new books.  She got some 'how to draw' books, jewelry, stuffed animals and a couple new shirts.  She also wanted this exercise ball and I agreed because I am working out now too and thought... why not!

It was very easy to plan this event and would encourage anyone to try to do the same among their friends!  There is something so nice about seeing someone walk away with things you no longer need anymore.  And I am loving some new things that were totally free to me!  Such a blessing!!  I am so grateful for the generous people in my life!!

Thanks for swinging by!

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