Thursday, January 2, 2014

My weekly schedule

I used to have a really complex schedule {see my home binder and old schedule here} and as I mentioned in that post, I did switch to a simpler week at a glance system.  I made this new one in Word.  I then laminated it so each Sunday I could sit down with my dry erase markers and update it.  I put it on the fridge and the kids really like seeing what is coming up for the week.  

Along the top are the cleaning zones and that doesn't change.  Nor does my son's preschool so I just typed them on.  Most afternoons are for homeschool but sometimes there is a playdate so this gives me the flexibility to change things around.

I wanted a visual for the week, along with somewhere to put our meal plan.  Still need to be better in that area but for now this is a good start.

If you are wondering about the weekends, Saturday is the day I designate to put all the laundry away that I do through the week.  Sunday is simply a meal plan day.

I really wanted something in place for the work week.

{If you like this style, I'd be happy to email you the Word doc.  Just message me!}
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