Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Goals for 2014

Another year gone.  And with it comes new hope and a refreshed spirit.  {Why does changing out the calendar do that for me?  *tilts head*}  I have so many areas that I want to grow in and I am excited about the hope that 2014 brings with it!

2013 was a bad year for me when it came to working out.  2012 was such a better year with three 5Ks under my belt but it didn't carry over into last year.  I had no accountability partner and my goals just fell to the wayside.  I just kept saying "Tomorrow... maybe tomorrow I'll run again."
Then 2013 was gone.  
SO with extra pounds and tighter pants as my motivator, I will do the Couch to 5K program again.  I have an accountability partner this time around and I am excited to step up my game.  I want to KNOW I took the best care of my body possible and I will not repeat 2013!

My husband and I have also decided to change HOW we eat.  We are going to stop buying many of the processed, frozen and packaged foods we have grown so accustomed to eating and be more purposeful eating fresh fruits, veggies, legumes and whole grains.  We are limiting {not eliminating} our meat intake too.  This means more time in the kitchen but we decided this will be a fun new hobby for the two of us to do together.

I am a full-time homemaker and I need to improve greatly in this area.  I am super excited about an upcoming swap with friends to rid my house of unwanted clutter.  I am also committed to getting each room better organized and will follow the cleaning schedule I made ages ago with purpose and intention.  My home needs to become a priority to me!  I keep asking myself: "If I were to get sick with an illness, what would I want done IMMEDIATELY?"  My answers are those things that I am going to tackle first.  Our days ARE numbered and there is too much clutter and chaos in my home to leave for anyone else to go through.  So that is where my head is currently!  {Having friends who were ill this year and hearing of others stricken with cancer and dying suddenly has really shaken me and made me reprioritize things.}

I am teaching my kids for the 2nd year at home and really like our curriculum but we haven't been as consistent as we need to be.  My kids are doing well which causes me to relax and we've had a lot of family visit this year too.  I just struggle with the whole concept of a flexible schedule.  I have to grow more in this area and be more self-disciplined!  {I am grateful for the homeschool group we joined in the Fall.  Such a blessing to meet with that group.}

This year I will learn more about photography since I just got my first DSLR camera, a Nikon D3200.  
I also have been learning a lot about history with the kids and will continue to study subjects that never interested me as a child.  It is exciting learning alongside my kids!  Keeps my ole brain thinking!

This has been a very emotional year for me.  I learned that I really struggle with rejection and feeling left out. Aside from certain people purposely pushing me out of their lives, I am aware of how certain behavior, and lack of effort affect me.  I am trying to stop letting negative self-talk fill my head and replace it with encouraging bible verses and positive thinking.  I need to let go of my expectations too.
I also need to live my life for God and not worry about what the world thinks of me.  I have to stop second guessing myself because a few people have wounded me.  I can say, blog and write on Facebook without worrying about people's interpretations of what I wrote.  {ie. If I write about my great kids I'm bragging.  If I complain too much I'm a downer.} If people don't like what I write, they can skip over it.  I can not make everybody happy and those who take the time to know me, know my heart.

I have been a part of an online bible study for two years with Good Morning Girls.  I am so excited that their next study topic is being: "Intentionally Focused".  This is JUST what I need right now!  It starts on Jan.20th so if you want to join, let me know and I can fill you in!   I can't recommend their studies enough!  
Also the co-creator, Courtney Joseph has a book club starting later this month based on her book Women Living Well.  If you are a Christian mom and wife, you HAVE to read this book.  It is phenomenal and ties everything back to scripture.  That study starts on Jan.13.  {Please let me know if you are doing it too!}
We only have limited time on this earth.  I want to continue to learn how God would want me to live and really reflect the effects of His spirit in my life... love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. {Galations 5:22-23}.  My goal is to grow in these areas and I have a LOT of work to do!

Last year I wrote about my Facebook use and how it was negatively affecting my life. {Click here to read that.}  I did really well for months but later relapsed without even realizing what I was doing!  It was only when I was so caught up in the negative emotions that affected me that I even realized I was spending too much time online again!  So I recently decided to change up the "rules" for myself so that Facebook wasn't a part of my daily life, but still a great way to stay connected with people.  
I'm going to use Facebook on Fridays and focus more on life in front of me the rest of the week.  Again, it's proving difficult but I keep reminding myself that nothing is so urgent that it can't wait.  This time around, I went so far as to create a second profile with no friends on it so I can connect with my Facebook bible study group without seeing the timeline ticking away luring me in!
I also really want to make more effort towards the people in my life.  I want to spend more time chatting over coffee or on the phone rather than feeling falsely fulfilled by little comments here and there on photos.  I want to deepen friendships and really BE THERE for people.  I don't want to waste my valuable time online because it disappears into a crazy vortex when I'm on Facebook!  
I am blessed to have certain people in my life and I want them to really feel loved by me.  I want to be a better friend in 2014.

Reflecting back on my goals, it seems that one big theme is jumping out at me.  I know people who like to have one word to define their year and I think mine should be:

That's what I need more in my life in all the areas I mentioned above.  And that's what I want to work towards in 2014!  

Thanks for swinging by!


Jennifer said...

Love the post Mary! Wonderful goals for 2014!

kbmama said...

Awesome post! We are so alike! I really, really enjoy your blog even though I don't often post. Keep it up!