Sunday, January 12, 2014

Better faithful life. Dream It. Do It.

Clare from Peak313 posted week two of her DREAM IT DO IT challenge!
This week we are focusing on the faith part of our lives!

I love her challenges.  I love how balanced and encouraging she is!  And I love her little disclosures at the end that say: "Have fun with this! If this becomes toilsome or a pain, then STOP! This is meant to inspire you and not be a burden! It should challenge us, but not cause us to crumble!" 
Agreed!  These are goals!  And right now I feel motivated to continue to grow in this area.

Clare summarizes some of the great areas of faith to consider like our prayer life, service, learning, etc.  I have MANY areas to work on myself!  But she says to just pick two for this.  So here are two of mine.

{1 ~ My Prayer Life}
I want to pray more regularly for my friends and family. I used a journaling book in the past but now prefer to write out prayer requests on recipe cards {one per person and add to that as cards get full}.  I can easily flick through and pray for people.  I've been doing this for over a year with the ladies in my bible study but didn't think to add my friends and family until recently!  
When I tell people that I am praying for them, I want to mean it!
(Cards are kept in alphabetical order.)

{2 ~ Acts of Service}
I love when I get struck with a good idea to do something for someone else.  But rarely do I act on it.  I feel that I miss so many opportunities to love on other people.  So this year I vow to act on these ideas and really be used by God to show His love to others.  I want to be a more helpful friend.  I want to send more cards to people aside from just birthdays.  And I want to be more giving.
There is someone in my life {who doesn't go online much, I don't think!} and she HATES winter.  We've had miserable weather lately and God prompted me to surprise her with a little bag o' sunshine.  So I bought some things that I know she likes that will bring a little warm love her way.  I am happy to say that her gift bag is full and ready for delivery tomorrow!  I prayed for her as I prepared it and I feel good already because I am acting on an idea that God gave me!  I want to be better used by Him and this is a start!  {Coincidentally Clare blogged about that on Jan.8th and I was excited because I was totally on the same wavelength as her!  Nevermind the "donate the excess" she referred to in that same article.  I just had that swap with my friends on Jan.9th and blogged about it!}

So those are the two areas of my life I am actively working on in the faith department!  I also start a book club with Women Living Well tomorrow and the next Good Morning Girls study starts Jan.13th, but that's for another day!

Can't wait to read what others are doing!  If you are doing Clare's challenge too, let me know in the comments so I can pop over to your blog!  Thanks for swinging by!

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Jessica @ This Blessed Life said...

Ooooh lucky friend! I need to start venting to you about something so I can get a bag of treats! Hehe {kidding ;)}