Monday, December 2, 2013

Happy turkey soup day!

Finally the turkey is almost gone!  As good as it was, a 16 lb turkey for 6 people just was TOO much!  We had all the classic leftover meals like turkey mayo sandwiches and hot turkey with gravy.  But today... was the creme of the creme... turkey soup day!  

I simmered the bones for a couple hours to make my broth.  I included celery, carrots, onions, thyme and bay leaves. {I looked in a cookbook for ideas of what to use but I didn't use their measurements so technically I did NOT follow a recipe.}

I strained the soup and picked all the turkey off the bones and added it back to the soup.  Added some more carrots, frozen corn, egg noodles and finished it off with dumplings.  Drooooollll soooo good!

We had some squash still leftover too so I had this ingenious idea to add a couple tablespoons to the soup once it was in the bowl just to cool it down!  It thickened it up too and was an amazing touch!  So there's my fancy idea to share!  Not sure if it's original but I impressed my husband!  haha!

Thanks for swinging by!