Sunday, November 24, 2013

Shopping on Thanksgiving

Sure some people need the money and like to work on holidays for time and a half.
And some people have families far away and would be alone otherwise.
And some people just don't like their families so great reason to avoid the holiday stress.
there are many people FORCED to work on Thanksgiving Day and are missing their holiday meals for the first time....

When you're out this week, just ask the cashiers if they are working and what they think.  I have and haven't gotten a great response!  They have no choice and this makes me sad!  They didn't volunteer to take the shift.

So Black Friday turned into Cyber Monday turned into being open late Thanksgiving night to being open on Thanksgiving and now I'm seeing PRE-Black Friday sales.  It's just insane now!  It's creating a sense of panic and anxiety in me, and I don't buy much but I think I need to buy more to take advantage of the great deals!  I know I'm not alone.  And I know that money is tight for so many and people want the most for their money but this is just too much.

Stop the insanity.  Enjoy your friends and families and....

I am.

{Although I WILL be shopping online Friday for a good deal!}

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