Sunday, November 3, 2013


I have said "no" to a lot this Fall.  {And don't we women have a hard time doing that?!!}  I don't want people to think I am weak.  Or not WILLING to help.  Or that I don't care.

  • I had to step down from co-leading a small group at my church's bible study and attending all together because of our schedule.
  • I wasn't able to step up and help co-lead another ministry when someone asked me, even though it's one I am VERY passionate about.
  • I had to stop attending the wonderful cardmaking ministry that I super love.
  • I decided to stop actively pursuing Clever Container, even though I really enjoyed it.
  • I wanted to do a craft event but ended up backing out of that too.
  • I also backed off initiating playdates with friends to leave more free days on my calendar {well when possible!}

But all those no's are allowing me to be more focused on what is VERY important to me right now:

My husband and our home.  Spending more time in the day doing things that matter to US not just to ME.

And taking care of these precious babes.  How I want to cherish these simple years while they are here.  They are so creative and so funny.  They make my heart swell and I am so so grateful for them.  I really love teaching them and watching them grow and play and learn.

Saying "no" to so many things is only for this season.  And I am so grateful that God has spoken to me and told me to slow down, back off of things and enjoy my family.  There is a new calm in my life.  I know it's out of obedience to God and for the plans He has for me now.  I can't say the no's have been easy.  But they have been rewarding.

I wonder how many other people have too much on their plate too?  How many are missing the simple joys to pack in all that life has to offer, not even realizing that some things CAN wait?  I pray that someone might be encouraged by this post and more people would say NO and reclaim their time for what is most important NOW.

Thanks for swinging by!

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kbmama said...

Love this post! Right now I am in a season where I am trying to push myself a little out of my comfort zone in a few areas of my life and say yes. I often say no because I'm scared or feeling overwhelmed. I'm finding God is whispering "Try it Lynn. Don't be scared". Good for you!!!