Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

Everyone is getting ready for Thanksgiving and just like last year {click HERE to read that post}, my little heart aches for her family.  And again I have to PURPOSEFULLY and actively work at my changing my thoughts of how I WANT Thanksgiving to look like to remembering what I HAVE and simply be grateful.  This is a season of THANKFULNESS and that's what I really need to dwell on.  

Great quote on Women Living Well's facebook page:

So I turned on my praise music and started my veggie prep today!
White potatoes, squash and carrots done.  Sweet potatoes cooked and ready for pecans and marshmallows tomorrow.

2 loaves of Italian bread all cut up and drying for my dressing.  

Tomorrow I'll cook the turkey and green bean casserole.
I'll set out the cranberry jelly and pickles.
And eat dinner with not "just one guest", but instead a table full because I am cooking for my family and since we are a family of five, there there will be a grand total of six of us tomorrow.  {More about our special guest after the holiday!}  So often I overlook the joy of cooking for my family because I always consider us ONE but I need to COUNT my blessings, one by one.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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