Wednesday, October 9, 2013

My planner

As the year creeps towards the end of 2013, I am already looking ahead to 2014 and what kind of planner I want to use.  I've been following an AHmazing organizing blog called A Bowl Full of Lemons for a long time {and her Facebook page} and she started a new group on Facebook called Planner Addicts!  Oh my word, those ladies are insane {in a good way!}.  They have the most beautiful, personalized planners I have ever seen!
Right now I use a simple $5 planner I got on clearance from Target.
It has a month at a glance and then a weekly breakdown.

TIP: Washi {craft tape} is fun to use to block out multiple days at a time.  {This is a peek at my busy September!}

And here is Oct... See how much we have going on and why I need a planner!!!??  I seriously have NO days with NOTHING planned!

I use the month at a glance section for overall planning but each weekend I transfer the info to the weekly section and add all the little tasks I must do that week.  Reminders to bring things to people or errands to run, etc.  {The ladies on the Planner Addicts group deck their planners out with stickers! I never thought to do that!!  I have tons of stickers and stamps and what an easy way to make it fun!  But my daughter was bored at her brother's karate practice and I had her draw me some Fall decor!}

TIP:  I use post it notes on this spread with my TO DO list that is lower priority because I don't normally get to everything and can easily move it to the following week.  Saves having to rewrite it!

I really love my planner and for 2014, I got a simple $1 weekly planner from The Christmas Tree shop.  BUT I decided that on top of a planner, I need ONE spot for all the schedules we have!  {Preschool, homeschool group, karate, menu plans, cleaning schedule, etc} so for the first time I made a home planning binder.  I started a board on Pinterest with free printable pages for this project.  There are so many options out there that I haven't really decided what I'm doing, but if anyone else wants to see what I've been looking at, here is the link to my board:  CLICK HERE.  I still need to figure out kids chores and the honey to do list!

I'm using a regular binder and made a fun personalized cover.

I bought colorful dividers that I can write on for each section.  The inside cover has pockets for invitations to upcoming events.  {Note baby shower and birthday party invites!}  The zip pouch was like 68c on clearance at Target and it holds my sticky notes.

And I also have my Newmania weekly schedule which is an overview of my week.  I made this in Word and printed out the fixed unchanging things like meals, sports, preschool & bedtime.  Then I can see where I have "free time".  I was using a page protector and writing with a dry erase marker but I've been relying on my weekly planner more lately.  {Always tweaking!}  This has my cleaning schedule incorporated too but I've seriously fallen off the bandwagon on that one!  

So that's what I've been doing lately!  Planning and organizing my life.  This week I even did a menu plan for the first time in ages and it really does relieve much stress!  I am just too busy NOT to!

With five family members and many activities, this really helps me SEE my time better.  Schedule planning and task planning really keeps me from having to replay my to do lists in my head while worrying I'll forget something.  No mental clutter!  And the binder is ONE place for everything, whereas before I had paper in my office, on the fridge or in our homeschool area.  Hope this might inspire someone else!

Thanks for swinging by!

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Nicole said...

Saw the link in Planner Addicts and came by to read! I LOVE my family planning binder! I have 15 sections, I'm addicted to sections like others are addicted to stickers, lol!