Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Upcoming school year

Last year was our first year homeschooling.  I summarized it all {here} if you wanted to read how it went.  

I mentioned I was going to be doing a full curriculum this year so this post outlines what we'll be doing.
I wanted to do a unit study because I have two kids in different grades.  With a unity study, we will be able to do history, geography, science, bible, art, and music together!  I am homeschooling my kids for that quality time together and I am very excited about this!  I chose My Father's World based on friends' feedback and the curriculum.  The teacher's guide already has everything planned out for me so I just follow it and all the books come with the kit.  Can't get much easier than that.  We will be studying US History and this Canadian is VERY excited about that!

Vienna starts grade 3 and Lance will be in 1st.  For Language Arts, I went with The Critical Thinking Company, again recommended by a friend.  I did a lot of research and this one looks like a great fit for us!  I got two different levels for the kids.  I also have some extra sheets and workbooks left over from last year that we'll work through when I am busy with one child and the other needs something to do.  This will include the Explode the Code {phonics} and Wordly Wise {vocabulary} series that I love!

Vienna dragged her feet doing math last year so this year I'm going with a program called Teaching Textbooks that she can do on the computer.  She is so excited about it sand wants to start early!  The program looks so fun that I want to do it too!  haha!
Lance is pretty advanced for math but with place values and other concepts coming up, I wanted to try a hands on program with him that uses blocks.  So he'll be doing a popular program called Math-U-See.  There is a DVD that teaches the concepts and a workbook and manipulatives for the rest.  I think he'll like the variety offered in the program.

Colin starts preschool this year and will go to the same school that Vienna and Lance attended.  It's two mornings a week.  During that time, I plan to take the older two to the library and much needed speech therapy appointments.  Other than that, I plan to stay home most mornings and do our school.  With so much on our agenda this year, we can't afford to skip or we'll fall too far behind.  Even so, I have big plans to do an outing in the Fall at a local corn maze, go to Old Sturbridge Village, take a tour of a grocery store, the post office and a waste treatment facility if we can work it out.  I know several people who homeschool and hope to do outings with them.

I am really looking forward to our upcoming year and the memories made with my FAST growing kids!

Thanks for swinging by!

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