Friday, August 23, 2013

A Weekly Schedule

On Wednesday, I shared my weekly schedule over on my Facebook page "Clever Container - Very Mary" but it's a great idea worth repeating.  This past week I have been focused on my home and getting things ready for our busy upcoming school year. I created this schedule last year and it really helped me. I don't follow it to a T every day but it gives me a great framework to work with.  {I blogged about this last year and you can click {HERE} to read more about why I started this in the first place!}

I type in all that HAS to be done weekly {ie. meals, snacks, school, kids activities, etc} and then I can see where I have time availability for the extras like cleaning, cardmaking, exercise and even date nights with my husband! 

From there I put it in a page protector and put it on my fridge.  I use dry erase markers to add playdates, doc appts or other random things that aren't a weekly occurrence, updating it every Sunday.

When you are pulled in a million different directions, it's important to see where you physically have time so that you don't waste it!  

Below is a partially filled schedule for you to see. If you want a copy of this in Word emailed to you, just let me know!

Thanks for swinging by!

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Anonymous said...

OMG! I love this! Just what I was looking for. Could you please email me the Word document for this so I can use this?

Thank you!
Megan Handy