Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tailgate Swap

When I'm getting rid of things I no longer want or use, I like offering it up to friends before donating.  I got this idea years ago when I had babies and realized their gear and clothing is quite expensive for the short amount of time they'd actually use it!  I know I certainly appreciated hand me downs!  So at a moms group I used to attend, we moms would lug our unwanted items and freely share with one another!

Around the same time, I was using Freecycle.org.  It's a great resource for getting rid of stuff you no longer want.  I gave away many things on that site and I also found lots of great free things there too {like moving boxes}!  But the only issue was that it was among strangers.

Years ago I decided to start a group on Facebook that would be like Freecycle but with friends and where we could also post photos!  I invited local friends and it's been a huge blessing {especially to me} ever since!  Over the years I've gotten things from a tablecloth to a baby glider!  And it's also a great place for me to post things I no longer want!!

Today we did our first ever park meet-up, tailgate giveaway, purge your house extravaganza!  10 families came and we walked around shopping in each other's trunks!

It was a gorgeous day and so much fun!  I scored a new wallet, clothes for my kids, and even a desk organizer that I DEFINITELY needed!

You just never know what someone else needs!  Even the smallest things made people happy!  I am so thankful to know so many generous people!  {This is also a great idea to help you purge the stuff from your house!  Make it fun and meet up with friends or start your own online group!}

Thanks for swinging by!

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