Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Front closet organizing ideas

Three kids = a lot of shoes in our family!
Here are some easy INEXPENSIVE ideas to organize the stuff you need by the front door!

I keep kids shoes in a plastic drawer organizer that I got at a department store.  This is where the surplus shoes go but the ones they wear regularly are in a basket right beside the door.  {Or they're just laying around by the door til it's clean up time!}

In the above photo, on the floor to the left you see a round bin tucked away.  That holds all bigger shoes like rain boots that don't fit in the drawer easily.  I like this bin because it's easy to wipe out if it gets dirty!  {Available through Clever Container!}

I hang my bags on shower curtain hooks, kind of like these ones so they are easy to take down.  {They are great for ball caps too!  I cut them off in my first picture so here's what they're like!}.  You can find these at a department store but if you are local to me Burlington Coat Factory has cute ones!

I keep my shoes in a hanging shoe organizer {look to the right in the 1st pic}.  We carry these with Clever Container and they're a great way to maximize the vertical space in your closets.  I recommend the Hangbag File too if you have too many coats and need the horizontal bar for hangers!  It's great to keep as much as you can off the bottom of the closet floor!

I shared some of these tips over on my Facebook page.  I post almost every day over there so hope you jump over and "like" my page if you liked any of these ideas!!  I welcome any other suggestions you might have!!  I love talking about organizing!  :o)

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