Thursday, June 20, 2013

Road trip!

I am getting ready for my first ever road trip without my family!  I have never left my kids before except to give birth to another child so this weekend away is long overdue!  Tomorrow, I am heading to Washington, DC for a Clever Container annual convention!  I can't wait to meet the ladies I've come to know through Facebook groups and conference calls!  It'll be a weekend all about organizing and I can't wait!!!  

Just wanted to share a little tip... I keep a packing list in a Word doc.  Before I go away, I just print this list and check things off as I pack them.  Part of the stress about packing is wondering if you'll forget something!  I've been using this system for a long time {and blogged about 4 years ago here} but I just had to say that I still use it!  For this trip, I get to X off the right column!  haha!  Just packing for ME this time!  Easy peasy!

If you want to follow my adventure, I will be posting updates on my business Facebook page:

Thanks for swinging by!

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