Thursday, May 30, 2013

Winning the lottery!

I have a fun story to share!  In my hometown, there is a HUGE fundraising lottery that goes on every year to benefit the hospital.  This year, the grand prize was this house....  

What a surprise when Jay's aunt Anita was announced as a winner on TV!  Crazy or what?!!!!

She bought a ticket with her sister and  her friend!  Here they are with the key!!!  Holy smokes!  I thought it was pretty cool that we knew the winners!!!  haha!

They joked that it'd be hard for them to live happily ever after in it all together so they put it on the market!  The inside was fully furnished and it was gorgeous!  I could have moved in!!!  Well they sold the house and turn the keys over TODAY!

In this article {click here} they each shared what they would do with the money.  Anita is married to Mike and they LOVE to travel!

Here's one of my favorite pics of Anita and Mike with Vienna and Lance a few years ago...

Nicer people couldn't have won this prize!  We were thrilled for them!  They don't have kids and LOVE to travel and after caring for Jay's grandmother who passed away in January, travel seemed like a good idea.

But they surprised US with some news....

They want to take us to....








Can ya guess?





That's right... They are taking us to Disney THIS SEPTEMBER!!! ... all expenses paid... thank you dream home!!!

This is such a blessing!  You see, just last summer we started planning a trip to Disney but realized that we would rather do small local trips rather than the big "once in a lifetime" {for us} vacation.  I was stressed out just thinking about planning it, nevermind the expense!  I wrote about it {here} last July.  Every complaint I wrote about is not an issue with FOUR adults and THREE kids!  We aren't outnumbered by the monkeys!!  Also, Anita and Mike have been there many times before and know what they are doing and how things work!  They are getting us accommodations off site so we can retreat from the crowds and have a pool side day if we need to!  OH YA!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's all so magical and wonderful and like a dream!

The kids are excited!
First plane ride!
First fireworks when we go!
My first time at Disney!
So many firsts!

And we are beyond thankful, grateful and feel oh so loved that Anita and Mike wanted to bless us in this way!

The countdown is on!!!

{I made this for our fridge!  I just put it in a page protector and update it daily with a dry erase marker!}
Thanks for swinging by!


Debbie said...

Very good Mary. So happy for you, Jay and the kiddies. It will be a trip of a lifetime. A very generous gift indeed!

Kinny said...

I thought you'd already won the lottery by having three beautiful children...what a great lucky are you!