Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Summer online book club!

I have so many books I want to read!  When my bible study group Good Morning Girls announced a book study they were going to do for the summer, I knew I would sit it out and instead tackle a book I have on my own bookshelf!

Many of the girls in my small group were also more interested in the book I proposed so I thought I'd put it out there in case there is anyone else wanted to join us! 

We will be studying "The Five Love Languages of Children"!  I know I have much to learn about loving my children better!!!  

Dates: June 3 - Aug.19

How it works:
Commit to read just one chapter a week!  {for 12 weeks}
We have a Facebook Group for discussion, questions and encouragement. {join here}

Obviously with the summer comes lots of travel for families so no biggie if you can't commit to posting each week, nevermind each day.  But I will be creating a simple daily reading plan so we have something to discuss each day.  Chime in when you are able!

You can order the book on Amazon. {click here}.
And here is the link to the free study guide with some introspective questions:  {click here}

I wanted to make this announcement so anyone interested has time to buy the book.  More details will follow on the Facebook page!  

{If you don't use Facebook and still want to participate, email me and let me know!}

Thanks for swinging by,

PS.  If you are interested in the Good Morning Girls study, it runs Jun.3-Jul.26 {8wks} with a break til Sept.2 when we continue in the book of Luke.

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