Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Junk drawer alternative

I started following a great organizing blog recently called A Bowl Full of Lemons.  She has a Tuesday link up party that I thought I'd participate on, especially since I had something fun to share from this weekend!

Last Fall we got a new floor in our kitchen.  {Click here to see the before and after!}

When we did that project, we took out our small island and never put it back in!  The space is so much better without it!  And we brought up our old kitchen table from the basement for an extra surface and put it against the wall.  The flow of traffic works much better now!

Sadly, when we took the island out, I lost two cupboards and two drawers.  I'm thankful for a garage with shelves for the baking items I don't use regularly.  And the more frequently used pans went in my warmer drawer of the oven.  I purchased a huge spinning utensil rack from Pampered Chef that I LOVE LOVE LOVE!  It sits in the corner and is out of the way.  

I put the junk drawer items in a bin in my dining room.  {Click here to see that space!}

This weekend, my organizing project was to go thru that bin o' miscellaneous stuff.  I tossed away things I didn't need.  {Why did I save a stash of bread ties?}  And I set aside some things to donate.  Lastly, I grouped items together and organized them in this OTD 
{over the door} Pantry Organizer from Clever Container!  It hangs right on the door leading to my basement, which is next to the kitchen.

I have to say that I got inspiration for this idea from my friend Amy.  She emailed me a Pin from Pinterest that had water bottles in a shoe organizer.  I had random bottles in my junk bin and that's what sparked this relocation idea!  Thanks Amy!!!  
{I was using this organizer for my rubber stamp sets from Stampin Up! but a certain 3 year old boy took my labels off.  I decided to use it elsewhere instead!}  

I think it's being put to better use here!!!  

Thanks for swinging by!!

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Love how it looks!