Thursday, May 9, 2013

I am a hoarder. Kinda.

I really understand the hoarder.  I am one.  Kinda. {I say kinda because I AM able to part with things... eventually!}  So actually, I'm more of an "environmental hoarder".

I don't want to part with things that can be reused or re-purposed.   
{ie. I save plastic food containers (take out, yogurt, margarine, etc) in case I need them for the kids to use to catch bugs or for crafts.  I save boxes to to reuse for gifts, never mind tissue paper & ribbon!}

I keep some useless things because I know no one else will want them, just to keep them out of a landfill.
{ie. McDonald's toys, old cassettes and VHS movies.}

I want to be thrifty and make money back on some of the items we no longer need.
{Baby gear or clothes & shoes the kids have outgrown, old bridesmaid dresses, etc.}

And then there is another part of hoarding.  The emotional side.
Sometimes I don't want to part with things I had received as gifts in fear I'd insult the person who gave them to me.  Or I have a sentimental attachment to something and someone else will just see it as junk and toss it.

Soooo.... One of the things I do to help overcome my hoarding tendencies is to offer my unwanted items to friends before donating.  Parting with things is much easier knowing where it is going and knowing I can bless someone else.  One person's junk is another person's treasure!
I started doing this in 2008 and a bunch of us continue to do it via a Facebook group!

The only problem with this format is that when you accumulate so much, it can be a burden to post pics, to track who wants what and to connect with these people.
When it gets THAT overwhelming, it's time to just get it out the door!

Today was that day.... I FILLED the back of my trunk with TONS of stuff.  A friend of mine is doing a yard sale and the money made is going towards a missions trip at her church.  Anything left over will be donated to smaller donation center with a great cause.  For me, it is much easier to give this stuff away under these terms.  I feel lighter and freer and my "to do" list just got shorter!  

If you are surrounded in a lot of junk that you just don't need or use anymore, seriously think about WHY you are hoarding it.  If you open a closet {or garage in my case} and the piles stress you out, it's time to deal with it.  Think yard sale, or a resale group on Facebook, offer to friends, or donate to a yard sale fundraiser that someone else is doing.  There are so many creative ways to get rid of your unwanted items and I would encourage you to declutter and destress!  

Thanks for swinging by!

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