Thursday, May 16, 2013


I have failed a lot lately!

My husband is in the military.  He left to go on a 5 week long course and returns THIS WEEKEND!  {I am SO EXCITED!}  I would like to blame his schedule for my failures and although it has complicated some things, this is totally on me!

I have been weak.  I haven't run in a month {again}, and I've been on Facebook more.
My priorities have been shifted as I stay up late and get less sleep.  

I prefer running in the evening when the kids are in bed and my husband is home to be the extra set of ears to listen for kids {while I'm on the noisy treadmill with music blaring!}  It is a more peaceful run... kinda like showering when someone else home.  I just don't like running while being "on call".  I enjoy the mental break it offers when my husband is here.  

I have also failed at avoiding the newsfeed on Facebook.  I outlined my Facebook terms of use {here} which is something I've been doing since December 2012 but the past couple weeks have been bad.  I haven't be strong and committed.  I have been a little extra lonely and staying up far too late.  When my husband is home, we have a regular bedtime and that keeps me from wasting time and he helps me keep my priorities in check.

I saw the above quote on Facebook this week and thought I'd add it to my own picture.  :o)  
It's a good reminder... I know what I am capable of!
I want to live better and I am better when I'm working out and taking care of my body as well as watching HOW I use Facebook.  
So this is me fessing up.  Trying AGAIN to get on course.
I only thought it fair to share my failures as much as I share my successes.
Running and social media are what I want to make productive endeavors!

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Patty said...

through Christ who strengthens you. . . remember you are not in this alone!

Welcome home, Jay!