Sunday, May 19, 2013

1st Vendor Event with Clever Container

I just did my very first vendor show!!!  And I had a lot of fun!
Now that I know what they are, I have to tell everyone because they are a great chance to support a good cause, shop local AND win FREE STUFF!  

What is a vendor show you may ask?
You know when you go to a local festival or fundraiser and all the small businesses are there?  It's our opportunity to get our name out there and network!   This event was a fundraiser for Suicide Prevention and they received money from vendor registration and raffle tickets.

We pay for our table space and we have to donate something that'll be raffled off.  They have all the donations lined up on a table with little bags in front of them.  People buy raffle tickets and place their tickets in whichever bag goes with the item they want to win. 

Here is my display all set up!

Two of my favorites were right across from me!  In fact these are the TWO I mentioned in my blog post {here} when I told the world about joining Clever Container!

I had a really good time talking to the different vendors.  They were a friendly group and know each other from different events. I really enjoyed the friendly environment and chatting with everyone.  Sadly, there wasn't much foot traffic.  It was a gorgeous day and there were other events going on. 

But I still made the most of it!  I found a Tupperware lady!  I have 4 cups with lids from years ago that I love but I only have 4.  Now that no one uses sippy cups anymore, I wanted a few more of these awesome cups.  They had this FUN Disney pattern that I just had to buy!  *wink*

Tastefully Simple was there and I had to buy another bag of the Twisty Grahams on the left to go with my cheese ball mix on the right which I already had at home.  AH..MAZING!

The table next to me was Jen with Silpada.  I loved her jewelry and spotted a couple things that were on my wish list from Christmas.  They were each under $30 so I bought them!  I wear a gold wedding band and just wanted something simple in silver to wear when I dress up.  I also wanted simple earrings that'd match everything.  I was in love.  And the rep was super super nice!  

At the end of the day, they did the raffle and wouldn't you know I won Origami Owl's drawing!!!!  It was a $25 gift certificate and here is what I got!  I have been wanting a Mommy necklace FOREVER {just check out my Pinterest wish list if you don't believe me!}.  They have many charms to choose from so I got my kids initials and of course gotta represent with the maple leaf and flag!

I bugged the Thirty-One ladies A LOT.  I am mildly obsessed with bags!  Remember I was right in front of them!  Many of us vendors had our own free raffles going on.  This is why I recommend you attend these fairs, festivals and fundraisers!  Free chance to win!  For us, this is a way to get contacts and find customers.  Don't be afraid to fill them out - you can always check off  "not interested in a party" but some people DO want to earn free or discounted products!  Anyway, I WON THEIR RAFFLE TOO!!!!  haha!  I won a $20 gift certificate so I snagged this great square tote.  It makes me so happy!

Oh and the winner of MY give away was Jodie from Origami Owl!  haha!

So that in a nutshell was my day working!  I got a break from the house and kids and was busy socializing and shopping!  I had a really good time and this really reinforces my decision to start this business!  I love organizing, people and even the paperwork behind the scenes!  Such great fun!!!

Thanks for swinging by,

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Jessica @ This Blessed Life said...

whoa lady you made out like a bandit! incredible! i have that 31 dots in a different bag - love it!