Saturday, April 6, 2013

Letterboxing and a lesson

Last weekend was a beautiful weekend.  I suggested that we go letterboxing to get some fresh air!  Letterboxing is basically a treasure hunt while you hike.  You can find clues on their website for a box local to you.  Once you find the hidden treasure. you'll find a stamp inside.  You stamp it in your own log book and in turn, stamp your family stamp (ours is a monkey) in the log book inside the box.  This particular weekend, we did an Angry Birds hunt!

This trail had 9 hidden boxes!  So fun!
Geocaching is also quite popular.  We saw 3 families doing that (compared to 2 letterboxing - including us).  Those families had GPSes but I like the visual clues in letterboxing.  The kids have to look for big boulders or fallen trees and other fun landmarks along the way.  It keeps the hike fun and interesting!

The trail was nice and it was great getting out.  This was our 6th time out but when I suggested it, the kids DIDN'T REMEMBER ever going before!  It had been almost 2 years since we had last done it and I had a big revelation.

My children are 8, 6 & almost 3.  And you know what?  They really don't remember all that we did or didn't do with them!!  When they are all grown up, they aren't going to know how many times we went letterboxing, how many times we went to the playground, how many times we saw special concerts, etc.  So it was FREEING to know that I don't have to stress out PLANNING AND DOING a bunch of activities with my kids UNLESS I am also enjoying them with them.  That is why we have never gone to a Wiggles concert or one of those shows... just not my thing.  Kudos to the parents who have the money to spend and patience for crowds.  We don't!
A rare Colin and me pic.  Almost 3yrs old!
When they grow up, hopefully they'll remember feeling loved and some major highlights from their childhood.  But I can let go of the guilt that I'm not DOING enough with them.  I know recently I felt really bad about this because it was a rough winter.  We had many cancellations with friends because of illness and we suffered some cabin fever.  They complained of being bored or having nothing to do and I felt like I was failing them as a Mom - especially since it was my first year homeschooling!  But then moments like this happen where God speaks to my soul and tells me just what I need to hear.  All those times letterboxing before and they acted like it was the first time?!  It was a huge weight off my shoulders.

Just had to share in case some Mommas out there think they are letting their kids down if they don't keep up with what they THINK everyone in the world is doing.  Because in the end, you're doing it for your kids and they may not even remember!

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Jessica @ This Blessed Life said...

Great point. Thanks for sharing. Looks like a blast! Chris did geocaching in college and loved it.