Tuesday, March 19, 2013

My birthday day out

My birthday is tomorrow but I celebrated with my bud Kimeroonie yesterday.  She knows the way to my heart.  She picked a day that my husband was off and said we'd spend the day shopping without KIDS!  Oh ya... 
We only went to TWO stores because we spent so.much.time in each one but once you hear what stores they were, you will understand!

HOBBY LOBBY!  If you don't know what that is... it's like a craft and home decor store merged in one!  (Think Michael's, Joanne Fabrics & Home Goods all together.)  Our favorite aisle has to be the signs. (Well aside from paper crafty stuff.) Kim has many in her house and some of them crack us up.  She needed her photo with this one.  It's no coincidence she is the first person to host a gathering with a Clever Container class for me.  {Click here to read about my new business venture.}

Walking through the store is so much fun!  I thought of various friends while there.
Jessica loves elephants so of course I thought of her when I saw this.

And Julie loves owls so I took this for her.

And my friend Michelle got me hooked on saying this phrase:
(I wanted to be IN pictures for once because I never take pics of myself but good grief I can't stand seeing myself in front of the lens anymore!  Not sure if it's old age but I wasn't happy with ANY of my pics. Ick.  Sorry... tangent.)

I'm not sure which sign we laughed over the most but this one cracks us up because we really don't like cooking.  And we're really hot.  haha!

I might have spent a pretty penny yesterday.  But all the craft stuff was 40% off.  And it was my birthday, right?

I've been wanting mugs with verses on them.  They literally have been on my wish list for years.  I died when I saw these.  Kim bought me the middle one.  "Be still and know I am God."  How great is that for a morning cup of coffee with my bible!

From there we went to Savers.  I had never been to one and Kim raves about her finds.  I had no idea it was a cleaner, more organized Good Will!  The clothes were organized by SIZE!  So I didn't fall in love with something just to see it was XXXL.  ha!  I bought the kids a bunch of clothes too.  Again all organized by size.  This is key to making me much much happier in a thrift store!
 Best part shopping for clothes with Kim was that she stood outside the door while I got changed.  I tried things off, opened the door, got a quick yes or no and moved on.  We were efficient working together and she hung my clothes back on the hangers as I changed.  I don't think I will EVER shop for clothes without her again!

I spent $57 and got all this for me!!  8 shirts and 1 new grown up purse.  I was SO EXCITED!  I might have bought name brands.  Oh ya - quality and no more beebly shirts for me!!

When I got home Jay was baking his first cake.  It wasn't a birthday cake though.  He just had a craving.  ??  He is one confusing guy.  The kids didn't get it.  And with 3 birthdays this month (mine, my daughter and son) I have no idea why he needed another cake.  ??  He's strange.

After Kim left I got ready to go to my church cardmaking ministry group that met at 7pm.  So Jay fed the kids all meals yesterday and put them to bed.  It was a pretty awesome day!!!  So grateful for such great people in my life.  My heart is full today!

Thanks for swinging by!

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