Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Command hooks

I love Command hooks!  They are easy to put up, don't damage walls and are amazingly versatile!  
I always buy the plain old white ones BUT they have different styles. See below in the instruction sheet:

I have been using them for years around my house.  My kids don't know how to keep a towel on a hook so I use a binder clip on their towel in the bathroom.

They hold lunchboxes in place on the narrow wall of my pantry.

Got this idea from Pinterest... they hold my Kitchen Aid accessories.

I use them to hold my organizers.  This one is from Thirty-One gifts, but they are also available through my new business, Clever Container 

I have them on my curtain tie backs.  The pic on the right is how it looks when I pull the fabric over to hide them.

I have a rack that goes over my door for coats.  The kids can't reach that high so I have Command hooks lower on the door for them.

See how versatile they are?!  I love them so much.  Takes no skill to hang them and they don't damage the walls when you remove them.  Just a little organizing tip that I had to share!  Command hooks rock!

(I don't work for the company or sell them!  I am just a  happy customer sharing a tip!)

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