Friday, February 8, 2013

Simple way to organize clutter on fridge

Some people don't like putting papers on their fridges because it looks too cluttered. And while I agree that a nice clear fridge front looks amazing, I personally like having that magnetic command center (we're military -hehe).  I spend more time in my kitchen than any other room and everyone in my family can see it.

I thought if I had nice clear sections, it'd look more organized.  I didn't want to pay for one of those great organizers with the magnets, corkboard, etc because they can be pricey and I wanted to work with what I had. Originally, I was going to use painters tape but I have since learned about patterned craft tape and thought it'd be perfect!  (Shout out to Kathy who loves it!)

Here is the front of my fridge now.  (Sorry forgot to take before pic.)

Here is the side before:

And after:

Here's a close up of the patteern on the tape.  I used one for the borders and another for the labels.  I simply wrote the labels with a pink sharpie.  I recently bought this tape at Michael's on sale and I love how it turned out!
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Kathy said...

love me some washi tape!!!