Saturday, February 16, 2013

New kitchen counters, sink & faucet

Back in November I blogged about my new kitchen floor.  My kitchen is getting a new look small step by small step.  Finally, 3 months later, we did the counters, faucet and sink.  I am beyond excited!

Here is my old sink.  I didn't like having only one basin so kept a plastic bin there most of the time to do dishes.  The faucet was low and often got in the way of my bigger pots.  Also the blue was outdated and had rotting behind the sink.  And of course the spray handle leaked and caused some water damage under my sink and down onto my basement ceiling.  

My amazingly talented (and generous with their time) friends came over to remove my counters and one layer of backsplash to make way for the new counters.  They disconnected the plumbing too.  So grateful for their help!

My new counters going in...  They are Formica Solid Surface in River Rock from Lowe's.

My glorious undermount sink with TWO basins!  I can just wipe the crumbs right in.  Oooooh I love my sink.  And my highly arched faucet with sprayer on the end!  Oh it's nice!  I feel spoiled!

Easy handle to turn on even when hands are covered in chicken yuck!

And the sink comes with the cutest little strainer basket!  (Also came with those racks which I LOVE!)

The only problem is that once installed the counters aren't exactly what I though they'd be.  Below on the left is my counter dry.  And on the right when it's wet.  I want them to look more like the right all the time because it's less grey and more beige.  I have to get a gloss I think to help so that's the next step.

Then after that... knock down a half wall.  Just gotta save up again for that!    
So exciting!

Thanks for swinging by!


Kaley said...

what material is the counter made of?

Mary said...

It's Formica Solid Surface in River Rock from Lowe's.

Darryl Iorio said...

After seeing your new sink, I can't blame you for hating the old one. Aside from the fact that it's small and that the faucet is too low, the spray handle was leaking. Your friends did a great job with it, and I can see that you love your new sink and counters.
Darryl Iorio

Carmella Vancil said...

That's a big improvement on the sink, Mary! I love the high arched faucet. I'm sure the fact that nothing leaks anymore was also a welcome improvement. Did you get the water damage fixed as well?

Mary said...

There was no water damage aside from on the counter that was ripped out! So glad for that! I am still in love!!!

Steven Silverman said...

Looks great so far. Hopefully you didn't have problems with setting the sink up, as well as the plumbing detail on that. It's turning out to be a great kitchen. Have a good one!

Steven | Valley Home Improvement